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Caricature Artist

Lichtenstein Characters

UV Reactive GoGo Dancer

Want something eye catching and engaging? Try our 8ft by 4ft framed box lit with black lights complete with a gogo dancer and bubbles.



Painted Art Servers

Henna Art

What your guests to have something to take home with then? Why not henna art. Our artist takes freestyling henna to a whole new level.


Graffiti Artist

Art takes on many connotations. Graffiti is thought of as a more primal expression of art and yet can be beautiful and thought provoking. Want to add a little edginess to you event then think graffiti. Having an artist on site creating while the event is taking place gives the guests the step by step

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Projection Sand Art

Sometimes you need that certain element that is different, performance oriented and grabs guests attention for a few moments. When set to music it can be a great addition to any event. If you have a theme, anniversay or are getting married, how memorable would this part of the night be.

Body Painting

What an illusion body painting can provide at any event. Guest will have to look twice to tell is it a shirt or paint to look like a shirt. Let our artist elevate the human form right in front of your guests eyes as an installation or we can have the talent already painted waiting

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Live Event Painting

Live Event Art provides the ultimate way to preserve your special day by capturing your celebration on canvas – during the time of the event as it takes place. Your memories will be captured on canvas, in acrylic paint and presented to you that day! Your special event guests will love to watch as the progress

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Chalk Art

There are many types of canvases on which art can be placed. Let our chalk artists provide a stunning visual for your next outdoor venue. Your piece can be done in advance or perfected while your guests walk around and observe. A consultation will be done in advance to discuss your theme and direction. Want

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