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Candy Girl Champagnettes

Candy Cane Skirt

Cracker Jacks Server


Cotton Candy Server

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty has 100 candy canes tied to her skirt which allows the guest to remove and enjoy. Adhere your business cards to each candy cane and Peppermint makes a wonderful way to promote your business as well.

Vivant Candy Girls

Vivant’s Candy Girls are eye catching and appealing to both children and adults. We have Cupcake, Sparkles, Peppermint Patty and Pom Pom. Each one is unique with custom made costumes and different serving options. They can be used at birthday parties, weddings, promotional events, and launches, etc.  Not only that, any of the candy girls

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Pom Pom and Cupcake

Vivant’s Candy Girl Pom Pom normally comes with a carousel. If needed , she can carry a tray instead or push a four tiered cart that holds up to 48 cupcakes.


Vivant’s Candy Girl Cupcake carries a tray that can serve just about anything you can put on a stick. Cake pops, lolipops, and chocolate candies are sweet treats that would delight guests.


Vivant’s Candy Girl Sparkles comes with her own built in tray. It goes around the hip and can hold small containers, individual candies, business cards, promotional material, or napkins. Just tell us what you need passed out. What a diverse and unique way to serve your guests.


Petite Strolling Table Pom Pom

Vivant’s Candy Girl Pom Pom serves guests in a 42″ strolling wooden carousel. How whimsical and fun! The carousel can hold a multitude of items for Pom Pom to serve.