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Cyr Wheel

Demonstrating incredible technical skills, our cyr wheel artist offers a breathtaking performance that will not fail to captivate and impress audiences of all ages and is even more impressive when the wheel is lit up with LEDs.

Zut Alors the Mime

Quiet, suave, man of very few words.  Dressed in the classic French style.  Silly with flowery top notes of exuberance.  

Too-Me the Physical Comedian

Irreverent & witty physical comedian who brings fun and merriment to any occasion.  Willing to make a fool of himself so that you don’t have to.


Sphere Performer

Whether on land or water, we can custom design talent to match your theme. Let our contortionist or professional dancer engage in an interactive show with your guests.


There are many factors one must take into consideration when choosing an aerial act. Let us help advise you on what acts best suit your venue. Our highly skilled performers are versatile in trapeze, hoop, chains, and silks. If your event is outdoors or can not support an aerial performance, we have a freestanding aerial

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Whether in a fixed location, roaming, or doing a show, our jugglers are masters at manipulting fire torches, rings, swords, hats, clubs, handballs, or spinning cubes.



Whether it’s ambiant entertainment or choreographed performances, our talent can dazzle the crowd with fire eating, poi, fans, fire breathing, handcandles, and fire hula hoops as well as fire breathing and swallowing.


Having unusual natural flexibility is a gift and one we like to showcase. Whether doing a performance or ambient routines, our contortionists will captivate audiences.


Venue doesn’t allow fire? No problem! Our talent have an array of glowing LED equipment to dazzle your event. They also perform in black light