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New Year’s Eve Strolling Table

Many of our tables are customized for an event and that is just what we did with this one for New Year’s Eve. The colors were designed to compliment the theme and an over the top hat was created to stand out since it was strolling in a large open area. This shows you that

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Santa Baby Strolling Table

Santa Baby slip a sable under the tree for me…… Our Marilyn inspired table will bring cheer to any holiday party!

Marilyn Strolling Table

Happy Birthday Mr President! Our Marilyn table is all dressed up in white with rhinestone accents that sparkle!


Gold Strolling Table

A beautiful table for any occasion all done up in gold. Whether you are marking an anniversary or doing a Hollywood theme, this table would shimmer for your guests.

Luau Strolling Table

Aloha! Feel the breeze of the Islands with our strolling laua table!

Luau Singing Table

This strolling table will sing and sway all while strumming on her ukulele.


Marie Antoinette Strolling Table

Marie Antoinette will twirl her umbrella or wave with her feathered fan while talking in French to your guests. She is a vision of white and pink.  

Cake Strolling Table

A two tiered table that looks like a cake. This would be perfect for serving cupcakes and desserts. The centerpiece on top is a lovely lady wearing a dress entirely made out of flowers. What a show stopper this would be at anyones wedding or celebration. This table does not stroll but can be changed

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Cupcake Strolling Table

CUPCAKE TABLE-Take one of our Candy Girls and have her in a stolling table. These colorful creations are whimsical and eye catching for all ages.