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Cyr Wheel

Demonstrating incredible technical skills, our cyr wheel artist offers a breathtaking performance that will not fail to captivate and impress audiences of all ages and is even more impressive when the wheel is lit up with LEDs.

Interactive Ballerinas

Bongo Dancers


Bollywood Dancers

Sphere Performer

Whether on land or water, we can custom design talent to match your theme. Let our contortionist or professional dancer engage in an interactive show with your guests.

Hip Hop/Break Dancers

Getting a crowd engaged is our goal and break dancing does just that. Why not instigate a good ole dance off.


Ballroom/ Salsa/Tango

Nothing is as fiery as ballroom and salsa dancers. Let us wow your quests with the quick step or tango. Our dancers can provide a choreographed show and then encourage your guests to join the fun teaching them moves as they go.

Swing Dancers

Nothing gets the crowd going like swing dancing.

Zombie Dancers

Whether a flash mob or a full production, let us design a spooky dance for you.


80s Dancers

When it’s time to rock it out, let our blue haired queens bring some life to the party. We can dance to the music or design a full production.

60’s Go-Go Dancers

Whether on dance boxes or in a crowd, Go-Go dancers always add groove to the mix.

Mardi Gras Dancers

What a great way to get people on the dance floor. We can custom design costumes to go with any theme. Want a clever way to pass out glow sticks as well? Let us design little holders to match each outfit.